Our Vision is to bring people together at the table to have meaningful meals.

About Choi

Choi Ramen comes from a place of great gratitude and a deep desire to give back. 

As a young girl, coming from Korea to California, I didn’t want to forget my former home. My Korean culture and heritage meant so much to me, and I wanted to stay forever connected. 

Cooking ramen provided that link from past to present home. Throughout the years, I’ve continued to craft and perfect my family’s original recipe. 

In each bowl of Choi Ramen, there’s a delicately developed ramen recipe. Choi noodles are specially crafted from the finest flour to create a texture and chewiness that bounces in each bite. 

Choi Ramen embodies tradition and innovation. Brings premium to you in an instant. 

Choi Ramen, a world of flavor in a bowl.

  • Classic Chicken Soup Meets Ramen!

    Indulge in the perfect savory goodness of restaurant quality ramen noodles infused with a rich, flavorful, delicately crafted broth. Ramen Noodle fans will love this soup.

  • Budget-Friendly with Unbeatable Taste!!

    Choi Ramen Soup strikes the perfect balance between classic flavors and savory ramen noodles to deliver a tantalizing traditional soup while keeping your wallet happy.

  • Ready to Eat in Just 5 Minutes!!!

    Microwave or add boiling water. From on-the-go to dinner cravings, our meals satisfy in record time. Add your favorite garnishes such as green onions and soft boil egg to create a satisfying meal. 

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