The Choi Family's vision is to offer a warm bowl of premium quality ramen noodle and chicken flavored broth for the entire family to enjoy. The flavorful yet comforting and mild broth makes for a great meal after school and work within five minutes.

  • Dress it up!

    The Choi Ramen is perfect on its own, or can be dressed up with toppings. The Choi Family's favorites include chicken breast cutlets, fresh green onions and a perfectly cooked soft boiled egg!

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to offer a combination of chewy restaurant quality ramen noodles and warm chicken flavored broth that is the perfect comfort food for the entire family. We hope you enjoy.

    From the Choi Family to yours.

  • FAQ

    • How many pouches come in one case?

    A: 30 pouches

    • What is the shelf life of Choi ramen?

    A: Check the "best by" date on the ramen case

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